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Homeowners are welcome at board meetings; to visit a meeting, just contact Lori Jo Ball, our association manager.

Provide her with the item(s) you wish to discuss so they may be added to the agenda.  We value your input and also have a few coveted volunteer opportunities welcome at this time!
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Valerie Reiman Vice President
Martha Fishwick Secretary
Jason Georgoulis Treasurer
Randy Hyne Director
Steve Kennedy Director
Kyle Shidler Director
Contact information for board members can be found in the HOA directory.

The current CC&Rs and amendments can be downloaded from this website. Note the original documents are rather large:
Original Documents (4 mb)
Amendments (288 kb) 

Wanted: Newsletter Editor - Please fill out the Volunteers form if you are interested.
Scooter Update - Shady Brook Trail is the city park that runs through our neighborhood. The trail is used by our older residents, young children, parents pushing baby strollers,  dogs on leashes, etc. Due to increased scooter traffic on the hike & bike trail, the City of Plano has found it necessary to install NO MOTORIZED VEHICLE signs in the park.
Please help to keep the peaceful surroundings for this beautiful neighborhood & safety for all residents by keeping motorized vehicles on the street and out of the park. See for details.
Inspections - Our management company (CMA) does regular inspections to check on things such as maintenance needs of common areas, landscaping needs, etc. CMA also notes violations of our neighborhood restrictions on how we use & maintain individual property, and appropriate advisory letters are sent to homeowners in violation of restrictions. The use of your own property is governed by our Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R's). Violations can include any number of things such as unauthorized signage, debris, and even boat or construction trailers parked visible from the street. (See your CC&R’s at Article 6 for the “big list” of prohibited uses). While these restrictions are not always enforced with an “iron fist,” we do ask CMA to notify residents as soon as they see a violation, or when a neighbor advises them of a violation. If non-compliance problems are persistent, further actions are possible.
Update January 14, 2015 -- As some of you are aware, complaints concerning street parking last Fall prompted the HOA Board to prompt our management company, CMA, to step up enforcement of our neighborhood parking restrictions. Since then, the Board has received substantial objections from our residents to the stepped-up enforcement. As a result, the Board has directed CMA to discontinue the stepped-up enforcement of the parking restrictions. Fines issued in connection with recent parking violations will be waived. The Board is requesting, however, that all of our neighbors be considerate in not parking vehicles in front of other residents' homes and to park vehicles off of the street whenever possible. While it is hoped that your courtesy in this matter will make fines unnecessary, the Board reserves its right, under our governing documents, to direct CMA to issue warnings and/or fines, if necessary, where circumstances are appropriate to do so. Your assistance in keeping Shoal Creek a safe, beautiful, and friendly environment is appreciated.
If you know you will be in temporary violation of any restrictions, please call CMA at (972) 934-0400 to let them know in advance of an inspection. This also helps when a neighbor calls with a complaint. While we never want to assume any violation is intended to be a permanent situation, we also want to make sure that our homeowners are advised as soon as possible when there is an infringement so  they can take appropriate action to remedy problems.
Creek Alert! - Much of the area along the creek paths is preserved in a "natural state". These wooded areas will almost certainly be home to some of Texas's many varieties of poisonous snakes.
Please take care when walking near any of our natural areas, especially if walking a pet. Those in the know advise you keep pets on a close lead when walking in or near areas that might be habitat for snakes or other wildlife that might be harmful to pets or humans.
Bobcats have also been seen in the area; they have been known to eat small dogs and cats - do keep an eye (and leash) on your pet! There are quite a few bobcats out this year.

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