Identity Theft is rising. When possible, remove the mail from your mailbox as soon as you have an opportunity to do so. Please close any neighbor's mailboxes you notice are open, as this is also an invitation for identity theft as well as an advertisement that someone may be out of town.

Contact information - Please be sure we have your current email address by notifying Sharlene Maayeh of any changes. Email is the most efficient way for us to relay information to you on urgent matters.

Planning to be out of town -  Please have the post office hold your mail or have a neighbor collect it. Ask a neighbor to watch your house for suspicious activity, deliveries, unsolicited newspapers, and flyers. You don't want potential burglars targeting your home!


  • Keep your garage doors closed, and cover your windows & exterior doors with shades after dusk.

  • Please lock the doors to your vehicle(s) parked on the street or in the driveway. If you have visitors, ask them to put any valuable items out of sight in their vehicles and to keep their cars locked.

  • Don't ignore strangers ringing your doorbell during the day - they may be "casing the joint". Most burglars won't commit a burglary if they think someone is home. Ask who it is, but don't open the door to someone you don't know.

Speeders! - We have received word of several determined neighborhood speeders. Please slow down before you hit a kid. If that's not enough incentive, check this Plano Police Dept web site to see the cost of a speeding ticket!

Reduce your risk of becoming a carjacking victim - read this article by the National Safety Council.

Watch out for thieves stealing ATM cards and PINs!
Also check out


Home Invasion - Briar Ridge Lane, 9/1/2016. At approximately 2:30 am, Plano police officers were dispatched to a shooting incident. It was reported that a male resident had been shot by an unknown suspect. The residents were asleep in their bedroom when they were awakened by two black males who demanded jewelry and cash. The husband resisted the husband's demands and was shot during the altercation. The husband was transported to a local-area hospital with non-life threatening injuries for treatment. The two suspects were described as black males, 6 feet tall, in their late 20s to early 30s, with short hair and muscular body types. Later that day, Kenneth Demarcus Cash, a 30-year old mail from Fort Worth was arrested in connection with this incident. He has been charged with Aggregated Robbery - Causes Serious Bodily Injury and is pending federal charges. Plano police are still looking to identify at least one additional suspect related to this incident.

Home and Car Burglary/Attempted Theft - Greyhawk Circle, 2/27/2015. Home burglarized around 5 AM, Burglars entered home through an unlocked door and removed purse with credit cards. iPad Air 2 was also stolen. Unlocked car parked in driveway was also entered although nothing may have been taken from the vehicle.

Car break-in - Briar Ridge Lane, 10/31/2014. Thieves were recorded during early morning hours waiting for a period of time in a car on the street. At some point the thieves were videoed walking up and down Briar Ridge Lane checking for unlocked cars and mailboxes. They were recorded trying to access the gate of at least one home. It is known that an unlocked vehicle was broken into and several things were stolen from the vehicle. Plano police have been notified and a report was filed. Several homeowners caught some of this activity on home security cameras and this has been presented to the Plano Police Department. Please contact the Plano Police Department if you know of anything that could help in solving this crime.

Home Burglary - Wood Hollow Court, 6/29/2014. Perpetrators entered through an unlocked back door between 12 am and 6 pm. and took iPads, laptops, a purse, and a wallet. (see Property backs up to creek and walking trails. Be sure to lock your doors! Please contact if you have any information or find any of the missing articles along the trails.

Car break-in - Briar Ridge Lane, 6/27/2014, early morning. Car parked by garage broken into, back window broken. Handbag taken from back seat containing prescription glasses, cell phone, and prescription medicines.

Car break-in - Riverhill Drive, 1/21/2014, 1:30 am. The homeowner heard noises coming from his driveway. Upon investigating the source of the noise he saw the suspect fleeing from the homeowner's vehicle.


809 Area Code - See
Perfume in the Parking Lot -





Archived versions of the Plano Police Dept Crime Times Newsletter are available at the Police Dept website.

    Crime Times use PDF format and require Adobe Reader, a free download.


You may want to consider registering your cell phone to receive Amber Alerts. Check for details.
The Plano Police Department is now utilizing red light cameras. For more information, see
Our Crime Watch Area Coordinator is Heather Morrow. To report any incidents, please contact the Plano Police Dept by dialing 911 and email Heather at

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