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Several homeowners are concerned about dogs barking at all hours of the day, night, and early morning. If this might be your dog, please be considerate of your neighbors.  
From Kerrie Meyler:
We have obtained additional No Solicitation signs, available to Shoal Creek residents at $27.00 each. If you are interested in getting a sign, please contact CMA at 972-943-2850.

What to do if you have a sign but still getting handbills or solicitors at your door? You can file a complaint - see
In the News ... Plano Profile Magazine ran several articles regarding Shoal Creek in their November 2008 edition. If you missed seeing it, you can find these online:

For Christmas Cops: or 

Regarding the Tree Reforestation Project: 

AT&T says if you have unlimited long distance service as a feature, you don't need EACS (Extended Area Calling Service). That can save you $9.60 per month per phone line, so it adds up. However, you may have to change your phone number to do so! (But as a resident recently discovered, that releases your phone number so a day later you can see if you can get the old number back.) A downside is that all phone numbers south of the power lines near McKamy must be dialed using a "1" before the area code - but with unlimited long distance there isn't a charge.
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